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The simple goal of the goods that I create is to share and spread happiness.


I derive so much joy from creating each and every item.  I find inspiration from a ball of soft alpaca yarn, the light on the trees in the late afternoon sun, the bark of a birch tree, memories from my childhood days in South Africa, the patterns I observe during walks in my neighborhood, the aroma of newly ground coffee beans, the long balanced finish of a beautiful wine, and being with my family. The inspiration is endless! I want to share this joy with meaning and caring.  

This store is inspired by my mom and dad, Norm and Pauline, who found happiness in the simple things in life. They created a loving home, enjoyed connecting with family and friends and treated all with respect. My wish is to spread this message of soulful connection so that we can all find joy in the simplest of things.


My mom always inspired me with her creativity and artistic creations. She loved doing wood carvings, taking classes in copperwork and pressing flowers for lampshades.  She made them all with so much love and I am happy to continue her legacy of sharing and connecting with beautiful things. 

After spending most of 2020 making and fulfilling mask orders for 100's of people, I am now shifting my focus to include other items on my website.  I will still be accepting mask orders as long as there is a need. 


I have enjoyed nurturing my other interests during this past year and am now pleased to share with you my latest creations. They include doggie sweaters and felted/beaded vases, pots and pods.  I am still including footstools and knitted hats.  As always, custom orders are always accepted. 

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